About the company

CashX is one of the leading money services brands with head office in UK. We offer full suite of financial solutions in money transfer, foreign currency exchange and payments.

Our offerings are customer centric with convenient money transfer solutions for individual remitters and corporates alike. With a strong global presence across the globe we aim to excite the customers while fulfilling their money transfer requirements be it for their loved ones and business related also.

So we are committed to deliver the services with key components of mobility and financial empowerment. CashX can play an important role in enabling people to live, work and travel globally, by ensuring easy accessibility to and the availability of our services.

Company’s vision

Focusing on building relationships with the customers and agents, having a huge network in various countries and good legal regulations, the company realizes their vision through these objectives.

Movement of money

Worldwide network of the company

Latest evolving technology

Building up decent relationships with agents

Company values and philosophy


customer support is always available for their consumers 7 days a week, 24 hours. Every language can be spoken by the customer support representatives for any queries.


there is a constant monitoring or exchange rates in order to provide consumers with the best rate without fees and conditions. Best rates can be provided with Instant calculator.


by the name itself, time is money as said, Cash-X creates transactions in minutes. Speed is the most valuable resource ensuring instant transactions anywhere in the world at the correct time and place.


security is a must while doing any worldwide transactions. Cash-X makes it easier by providing a 9-digit ICTC code which generates just for the person doing the transaction ensuring maximum security.


reliability is an important factor for trusting the company. The company generates an SMS to the person when the money is reached to their recipients. Instant tracker also gives an option of tracking the amount of time and other procedures while making transactions.


CashX is committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing. We should follow AML and CTF l laws and regulations as well as international laws and standards by regularly checking on the latest updates and reviewing the policies. Compliance department of CashX is dedicated to provide all the support and ongoing guidance regarding AML and CTF, as well as our own policies and procedures.


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